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Reception & Common Areas

  • Guests and visitors must enter with masks through the main door, and must clean footwear on the sanitary mat provided. We will measure body temperature with a digital thermometer and hand disinfection will be requested with alcohol gel provided.
  • If temperature is 37.2º the person may not enter the premises. If it’s over 37.5º COVID-19 protocol is activated.
  • All guests and employees will disinfect their hands with alcohol at check in.
  • At the time of check in, a sworn statement must be signed providing evidence that the persons admitted do not have recognized symptoms of COVID-19.
  • Guest registration cards will be previously made with all the data of persons who will be staying, their signature being the only required action at time of check in.
  • At the Reception desk, only one guest at a time will be attended.
  • In common areas, guests must wear masks and respect social distancing.
  • Elevators will be used by a single party.
  • Housekeeping will regularly disinfect the elevator, public bathroom, front desk and other surfaces that guests use on a regular basis.
  • Suitcases will be disinfected with an alcohol based solution of at least 70% concentration.


  • Rooms are equipt with the required disinfection and aeration each day and after each use.
  • Guests will enter their suite after it has been fully disinfected and following all cleaning protocols required by current regulations.
  • Our staff will work with personal protective equipment and products, bactericides, and antivirals using great dedication in the details of disinfection of all the materials and elements existing in the room.
  • ROOM SERVICE is delivered to the door of the room, employees may not enter when the room is occupied.
  • All amenities will be sealed.


  • Guests will have breakfast in Tea Connection following Government regulations for disinfection and social distancing.
  • Tables will be separated according to the regulations.
  • Breakfast is offered à la carte.
  • The tables will be disinfected between each service and the client cannot occupy the table if it has not been disinfected. Guests must wait to be seated by the establishment’s staff.
  • Greeting to clients will be verbal, respecting social distancing, and will not include physical contact such as a handshake, kiss or hug.

Employees & Cleaning Protocol

  • All employees will have disposable protection elements according to their respective assignments.
  • At each receptionist shift change, all equipment will be disinfected with alcohol based solution of at least 70% concentration.

Employees will disinfect their hands frequently and mandatorily:

  • Upon arrival at work.
  • Before and after using the bathroom.
  • Before and after eating.
  • Before and after manipulating garbage.
  • After touching surfaces in common areas.
  • After handling money.
  • After sneezing, coughing, touching their face and/or cleaning their nose.
  • Uniforms will be washed regularly with temperature over 60º.
  • After each guest, all disposables and toiletries will be thrown away such as toilette paper and other items.
  • Daily check and re fill of soap and alcohol dispensers throughout the hotel.