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Eduardo Hoffmann Exhibition

at Algodon Mansion

Algodon Mansion is proud to host an exclusive exhibition of works by Eduardo Hoffmann, one of Argentina’s most celebrated artists. Our dedication to showcasing the finest in Argentine culture and art is reflected in this extraordinary collection, now a permanent feature of our luxurious hotel.

About Eduardo Hoffmann

Eduardo Hoffmann is a renowned Argentine artist known for his vivid expression and unique techniques. His work has been exhibited internationally and has earned acclaim for its emotional depth and cultural significance.

About The

“Laca de Granza” Collection

Eduardo Hoffmann’s “Laca de Granza” collection is named after laca de granza, a natural color obtained from the rubia tinctorum roots, part of the rubiaceaes plant family. Hoffmann uses this root extract to infuse his paintings with a dynamic and vibrant quality, making each stroke a celebration of natural beauty and traditional craftsmanship.

Exhibition Details

Guests can view Hoffmann’s stunning artworks in the lobby, wine bar, and select suites of Algodon Mansion. Each piece adds to the elegant and culturally rich ambiance of our hotel.

Algodon Mansion is located
in the heart of Buenos Aires. 

We welcome guests to experience the intersection of luxury and art. For more information on visiting and staying with us, please contact us.

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