Algodon Winery

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Reservations for vineyard and estate tours must be made in advance.  Wine tastings are held at our vineyard restaurant, and the winery is currently only available for group tours.

Algodon Winery

Our boutique winery lies at the heart of our estate. Algodon's premium wines are crafted in limited production from handpicked and selected grapes under the watchful eyes of our esteemed winemakers who combine modern and traditional winemaking techniques.

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Fed by the purest meltwater from the glacial Andes, our 325 acres of vines go back as far as 1946 and produce exceptional fruit on sandy and clay loam. Our wine is handcrafted by the brilliant winemaker, Mauro Nosenzo, who is advised by Master of Wine, Anthony Foster. Our goal is to produce premium wines utilizing ecofriendly, organic inspired approaches, combined with the best modern winemaking technology. Brought together by Scott Mathis and his partners, our renowned winemakers bring decades of experience, as well as craftsmanship and tradition that have been passed down for generations.

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We offer a variety of wine tastings, hosted at our restaurant or winery, and any tasting can be customized to accommodate the needs of your group. All scheduled tasting are based on availability, so reservations must be made in advance. Please contact us for pricing and scheduling.

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